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Boat Wraps & Graphics

What is a boat wrap? Boat wraps are the latest form of advertising and personal customization available for the marine industry.
Vinyl wraps are very economical, efficient and have the capability to preserve your boat, yacht, jet ski, or other marine watercraft from weather and other elements. Wrapping vinyl around your watercraft replaces the need for expensive custom paint jobs and graphic detailing.

Weather Protection & Environmentally Friendly:
Unlike a car wrap, marine watercraft require specific details and expert application techniques since marine vehicles spend a greater amount of time submerged in water. These wraps are designed to provide weatherproof protective covering and still remain environmentally friendly.
Cost Effective:
You will be amazed at how cost effective vinyl graphic wraps are compared to custom airbrushing. The process of vinyl wrapping is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to give a boat, jet ski, or other types of marine watercrafts a complete makeover that will make their beauty truly standout against crystal clear blue waters.
How Long Does it Take to Wrap a Boat?
Wrapping your watercraft with customized vinyl graphics takes virtually no time. On a clean dry surface, a vinyl wrap can be completed in as little as one day (depending on the size). Once completed, it does not need to sit and dry, as a customized paint job entails.

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