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Fleet Wraps

At WrapJax™, we are experienced professionals that have the expertise and the know how to rebrand your fleet graphics quickly, effectively and seamlessly! Whether your project is due to:


• Merger and Acquisitions

• Change in a Brand Tagline

• Change in Brand Look and Feel

• Brand Extension to support a marketing campaign

• Launch of a new Brand

With dozens of rebranding projects completed involving hundreds of vehicles, we have the technical, creative and logistical experience and knowledge to complete your project on time and on budget.


From smaller-scale projects to those involving hundreds or thousands of vehicles , WrapJax™ makes the process work fluidly for fleet managers.

Our services are available for all WrapJax™ products and services in the fleet category.  From design, print and installation to a la carte selection as well.  If your project simply requires printing only, WrapJax™ can help.  If your project requires installation only, WrapJax™ is happy to assist there too.


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