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Why Wraps Work

WrapJax™ vehicle wraps are easily one of the lowest cost forms of advertising available.

Most traditional forms of print, online, radio or television advertising can cost thousands more and produce less results than a vehicle wrap from WrapJax™.

One of the clear advantages of a vehicle wrap over these other forms of advertising is that a vehicle wrap cannot be tuned out, turned off or thrown away.

Literally, our wraps are – advertising that sticks®

Capture YOUR audience with a WrapJax™ vehicle wrap!

Vehicle wraps are unavoidable to anyone within visible range and what better way to maximize the value of an asset you already own and use on a daily basis than putting your vehicle to work every moment that you are on the road. Whether you are commuting to your next appointment, making a delivery, picking up your child from school or parked in a parking lot at the store, your vehicle is advertising for you 24 hours a day….each and every single day!

How do you currently promote your company? By one of the above mentioned traditional forms of either; newspaper, radio, television, direct mail?

Unfortunately, these forms of media are declining in effectiveness as a method of reaching consumers.

Online advertising has been growing by 25% each year and shows little sign of slowing down.

So, how do you reach your consumer in the “offline” world?

Reality is, Americans are watching less TV, reading less printed media and listening to less radio. The culprit? The internet, ad skipping/omitting technologies like DVR, satellite radio services like Sirius and the widespread use of personal listening devices like the Apple iPod.

However, consumers are readily available and are a captive audience…..in their vehicle.

Whether in the driver seat or as a passenger or pedestrian, having a Drivertising™ Vehicle Wrap by WrapJax™ will surely get your brand in front of the consumers you seek by literally giving your product or service advertising that sticks™.

According to a Poll surveying 1,505 vehicle drivers around the United States:
• 70% of respondents claim they are spending more time in traffic than a year ago.
• Americans are spending 39% more time in their car than a year ago.
• On average, people spend more than 15 hours per week in their car. Nearly 14% of waking hours!
• People cover an average of 306 miles per week.
• 96% of Americans say they have traveled in a vehicle this week either as the driver or as a passenger.
• The average one way commute for Americans is 27.4 minutes. That is nearly one hour round trip commuting each day.
• Nearly 1 in 4 American commuters are considered “Super Commuters” which spend upwards of 2 hours each day in round trip commutes. These same “Super Commuters” earn upwards of $75,000 per year.
• Vehicle Wraps generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. That equals nearly 2,100,000 impressions per month or over 25,000,000 impressions per year!

This is why vehicle wraps from WrapJax™ are the most effective means of providing your company a clear path towards marketing to the consumers that you want to reach. With the Traffic Audit Bureau claiming nearly 30,000-70,000 daily impressions for vehicles with advertising and the statistics presented above, you can be sure that our cost effictive method of delivering your message will literally drive sales to your product or service.

*Data compiled and provided by Arbitron, Inc., Edison Media Research, OAAA &Traffic Audit Bureau

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