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Our Story

We started WrapJax™  after years of being in your shoes.

As the customer!

Having owned a number of businesses that placed vehicle wraps on company vehicles, we experienced extremely positive results from the vehicle wraps themselves. After seeing the effects that this form of advertising gave these various businesses in the form of higher sales, increased revenue and greater public visibility, we were firm believers in the effectiveness that this form of advertising gave our business in comparison to where we were spending money elsewhere.
As a result, we reduced our budget for traditional forms of print, radio and television advertising and focused primarily on placing our advertising dollars into investing in vehicle wraps, which resulted in growing our fleet from just a few wrapped cars to a fleet of eight!
Although we had fantastic results from the wraps, we experienced a lot of frustration in finding companies that could provide us with the quality of design we strived for and equally as important, at a price we could afford.
Since nobody specialized in vehicle wraps, we had found was that we had to work with sign shops and it was very difficult to find designers that were skilled in listening to what “advertising message” we wanted to convey and in providing us with the quality of design that we felt would adequately deliver that message. In most cases, we had to hire an outside designer to create what we wanted and then have the sign shop print and install the artwork on the vehicle. That was our “Eureka Moment”! We knew that there was a real need to create a company that specialized in vehicle wraps. A company that is concentric in its methodology. It was imperative that we start with impeccable customer service, then move outward to design then on to high quality printing and detailed installation by highly skilled installers.
We feel that WrapJax™ has covered all aspects of these 4 key points.
Our company is headquartered in a nearly century year old building near downtown Tacoma, WA. Though our core business centers around vehicle wraps, window graphic and wall murals, we offer an array of complimentary services as well. These range from vinyl lettering to full color A-Boards, signage and banners.  Our service options have also grown to offer wrap removal and installation of wraps with customer provided material.
Over the years, we have added design, print and shipping of wraps to our offerings as well for those clients located throughout the United States and Canada that may wish to have the quality of a WrapJax™ wrap designed and shipped for local installation wherever that customer is located.
At WrapJax™ , our focus is providing you with the options you need to get your desired results through increased sales and visibility.
When you work with WrapJax™ ®, you can be assured that you are working with a team that will listen to you, pay attention to your branding message, offer ideas and insight, communicate in a timely manner and guarantee the quality of our work. After all, we have been in your shoes and know exactly what it is that you are expecting of us.
We look forward to working with you!

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