Custom Designs!

Wraps by WrapJax that are a flexible, reliable and stylish way to wrap your boat. These designs are scalable to fit a variety of boat lengths and allow you the option to change colors or edit elements that you may wish to resize or omit on your particular boat.

Since the design work has already been done, these layouts are a cost effective approach to a custom designed “One Off” boat wrap but still allow for custom modifications to be made that enable us to make your WrapJax boat wrap entirely unique to your tastes.


Sample Pricing

Standard pricing on all these designs are based on length of boat. Below is sample pricing for the most common sizes.

18 Foot Boat – $1875 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
19 Foot Boat – $1975 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
20 Foot Boat – $2075 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
21 Foot Boat – $2175 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
22 Foot Boat – $2275 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
23 Foot Boat – $2375 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
24 Foot Boat – $2475 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)
25 Foot Boat – $2575 (Optional Back Add $249-$349)


in Price

  • Up to 4 hours of designer time for customizing
  • Printing of boat wrap on 3M IJ180Cv3 with 5819 Overlaminate
  • Skilled installation by certified WrapJax Installer(s) at our facility
  • WrapJax Bow Protection Film to protect your boat wrap from the bow roller when on the trailer
  • Complimentary set of boat registration numbers

*Ask about on-site installation charges & requirements if needed

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