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It is uncommon in our industry to provide an umbrella warranty above the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the material that was installed.

Our wraps are not only backed by the one to five (1-5) year manufacturers warranty (10 year warranty for Xpel® PPF), but also our bumper to bumper One Year WrapJax Warranty for protection films, color change, storefront graphics, signage, wall wraps and printed vehicle wraps followed by a 90 day warranty on any of the perforated window films. Your warranty date begins on the date of completion of your project and applies to any installation issues such as edge lift and air bubbles. There are a few exclusions on the warranty which are indicated below.


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Certificate of Warranty

  • The warranty does not cover damage(s) caused by mechanical car washes, tree branches, shopping carts, door dings and/or rock chips, fuel spills or other physical or chemical damage which may occur. Vehicles in harsh climates (such as fluctuations of extreme heat or very cold weathers) may experience an impact on the longevity of your wrap. For the best results of extending the life of your wrap, it is highly recommended that it is stored indoors when not in use.
  • If your vehicle or storefront includes perforated vinyl, please be aware that this product may hinder your ability to see through the windows in inclement weather such as rain or snow. WrapJax is not liable for damage or loss due to perforated window vinyls. Due to the relatively delicate nature of this material, WrapJax offers a Limited 90 Day guarantee against adhesive failure, edge lift and/or fading. Our comprehensive warranty covers all defects in material and/or installation. This includes replacement of failed materials, removal and installation.
  • IMPORTANT: Bubbles Happen! In the event that you notice a bubble during the first year, it must be brought to WrapJax within 5 days of first seeing the bubble appear. If the bubble is not addressed and splits, it voids the warranty coverage of that area and at that point, the only remedy is to print a patch and place it over the location. This will be done at no charge during the first year and at a minimal fee if it occurs beyond the warranty period.
  • WrapJax charges nominal design fees for creating our work. These charges are not billed out at an hourly rate which allows us to offer significantly reduced charges for customers to design their projects. As a result, WrapJax retains all ownership rights to our graphic work. If you wish to purchase your art files for future use on other works, we are happy to discuss pricing for acquiring your art files which can typically range anywhere from (Examples: low resolution artwork for use in web and small print production works $250-$500 or high resolution large format art files $750-$2000) depending on the complexity of the work that was designed.
  • All claims must be made within the 12 months warranty time-frame and are subject to approval by an authorized WrapJax technician. In case of a unwarrantable failure, WrapJax responsibility is limited solely to repairing or replacing the defective wrap or “parts” of the wrap. Customer’s option for repair of unwarrantable failures is strictly limited to repair or replacement at the WrapJax facility where the originated wrap was purchased.
  • Materials used in warranty repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace, but the expiration dates will be the same as those of the original materials. This warranty is sole warranty made by WrapJax with regards to our vehicle wrap products and other graphic products listed above. WrapJax makes no other warranty expressed or implied.
  • This warranty does not cover damage to the wrap or graphics due to negligence, misuse, accidents, road damage, wear and tear or failure to follow the Care Instructions (located on the reverse side of your warranty card).
  • This warranty does not cover unwarrantable failures due to per-existing damage to vehicles.
  • This warranty does not cover a unwarrantable failure in the event that the client chooses to keep any/all emblems on a vehicle and to have them wrapped over.
  • This warranty does not cover items that WrapJax has either use  PLASTI DIP® or painted at the customers request, side mirrors (if you were advised against wrapping them by WrapJax staff), any items that were done by 3rd party vendors to WrapJax such as powder coating, paint less dent repair, body shops, window tint, etc. Outside vendors will need to be contacted directly by the customer to get warranty coverage details by those independent services.
  • WrapJax is not liable for emblems damaged during removal. Our team will make its best effort to remove emblems and bag them up to be placed inside the vehicle for the customer unless the customer does not wish to have them for future use.

*Date of purchase means the date from when your wrap was installed by WrapJax™. **This warranty supersedes all previous warranty statements.

Revised: September 1, 2020

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