1. Do you Approve this layout? If Yes, Move to Step 2
  2. Does this layout need Revisions? If Yes, please email your designer with your change request(s) and your revisions will be made. Please try to batch your change requests into one order for the sake of expediting your modifications. Allow up to 48 business hours to receive your layout with revisions.



Once you have received your layout and it meets your satisfaction, you can approve your proof in two ways.

  1. Check the box on your Proof Sheet “Approved” and then sign and fax or email the form to either (877) 309-9290 or via email to
  2. Reply to your WrapJax designer with the approved layout you received and change the text in the subject line of the email to “Approved” along with the date, time and your full name and company name.


Deposits & Payment

Deposits must be received prior to print production or purchase of any materials required for the production of your project. There are no exceptions made for this process!

  1. Upon Approval of either your estimate for a project requiring the purchase of material or production of printed materials, a Production Deposit equal to 50% of your project cost must be received and cleared WrapJax corporate accounts.
  2. Accepted forms of payment are – Cash, Check or Credit Card.
  3. Terms for Credit Card payments – We allow credit card payments with no convenience fee for charges under $500. For charges over $500, WrapJax will charge a 2% Convenience Fee.


Color Match & Test Prints

Proofs are for Content and layout purposes only and are being transferred electronically during the proofing process. This method does not necessarily provide an accurate example of how a color will be once it is printed in CMYK, however it is close. We do offer test prints for an additional charge of $30 per test print. In most cases this will not be necessary. If it is, please speak to your designer.


Production Time

Once your Deposit has been received, your files will be uploaded for production. Files are printed in order of how they are received in our printing queue. Once they are in production, it typically takes 48-72 hours from start to finish. This process requires press setup, printing, outgas and finally lamination and packaging of material for installation.



During the final stages of production, you will receive a call from WrapJax to schedule a date and time for your installation. We have a number of steps to follow for this final phase of your project.

  1. Please consider that your vehicle will need to be with WrapJax for anywhere between 1-4 days. It will be necessary to find alternate transportation during this period of time. WrapJax has a discount for our clients if you require a rental car/truck during this stage. If you wish to take advantage of a rental car discount, please contact Enterprise Rentals at the Tacoma, WA location by calling (253) 475-4500. Enterprise will coordinate directly with you on pickup/drop off of your rental.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prior to dropping your vehicle off for your scheduled installation, your vehicle must be washed clean and ready for our installation team to begin prepping your vehicle. Vehicles that are dropped off dirty will be charged a $45 Cleaning Fee. Please do not wax your vehicle prior to delivery.
  3. Before/After hours drop offs are gladly accepted.
  4. Upon completion, a WrapJax representative will contact you to schedule your pick up date/time. Please come prepared to make final payment on your invoice.
  5. Vehicles may not leave our facility with unpaid balance.

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