Reflection of Your Brand

WrapJax takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Having established the highest standards in the industry, versatile graphic styles, and a collaborative process has allowed us to work with a wide array of clients. From start to finish, we do it all. In-house design, print and installation. Let’s work together in creating a visually striking design for your vehicle wrap and turn it into a finished product that is a reflection of your brand.


By Wrapjax!

Our customizable series of Car Wraps by WrapJax are a flexible, reliable and stylish way to wrap your vehicle. These designs are scalable to fit a variety of vehicle sizes.  These stylish layouts are a cost effective approach to a custom designed “One Off” vehicle wrap but still allow for custom modifications to be made that enable us to make your WrapJax vehicle wrap entirely unique to your tastes.

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Brand Identity
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