Tesla Wrap Pricing

Thank you for your request for Tesla pricing

We absolutely love wrapping Teslas for our customers.

So much so that we have installed Tesla chargers in every WrapJax location!

We are pleased to present our base pricing for the various types of wraps we offer. If you are looking for something more specific, we will happily provide you with a customized quote.

Below are starting prices for both solid color wraps and the most popular Xpel Paint Protection packages. For a detailed explanation on what the coverage includes on the PPF packages, please see the glossary below.

To schedule an appointment for your vehicle to be added to our installation schedule, call us at 855-972-7529 and select your WrapJax location from the options presented.

Full Color Change Wrap

Model 3 – $3750
Model Y – $3950
Model S – $4255
Model X – $4900

Xpel PPF Packages

Model 3
Bronze – $599
Silver – $949
Gold – $1999
$5600 (Gloss) / $6200 (Stealth)

Model Y
Bronze – $699
Silver – $1049
Gold – $1999
$5800 (Gloss) / $6400 (Stealth)

Model S
Bronze – $799
Silver – $1149
Gold – $2200
$6100 (Gloss) / $6700 (Stealth)

Model X
Bronze – $799
Silver – $1149
Gold – $2300
$6750 (Gloss) / $7500 (Stealth)

WrapJax offers ceramic coating as an option to add over either your vehicle wrap or paint protection film.  This offering is discounted from $1200 to just $850 when done at the same time your vehicle is being serviced for its wrap.

PPF Package Coverage
  • Bronze – Partial hood, mirrors, door edges & top of rear bumper
  • Silver – Partial hood, partial fenders, full front bumper, headlights, mirrors, door edges & top of rear bumper
  • Gold – Full hood, full fenders, full front bumper, headlights, mirrors, door edges & top of rear bumper
  • Platinum – Full coverage of exterior body painted surfaces (package includes headlights)

Popular add-ons:

  • A-Pillars (body pillars that flank front windshield) – $139
  • Rocker Panels (lower section below the doors from behind front wheel and in front of rear wheel) – $453
  • Door Sills (protects from damage by footwear during ingress and egress) – Fronts $79, Rears $79 or all 4 doors $148
  • Interior Kit (center console top surface) – $119

*All pricing above is our base pricing.  For specialty films such as chrome, color shifting or textured material options, please call for a customized quote.

Prices subject to change, call for any updates

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